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Many years ago, we had our first introduction to bearded dragons when we rescued an old male. He lived with us for several years and we grew quite attached. He loved to sit on the windowsill in the sun. When he passed away it truly left a void in our lives and we began the search for a baby to raise.

At the time beardies were not easy to come by and it was nearly a year before we found Max at a local pet store. We were not sure if Max was a boy or girl, but we watched that little lizard grow from three inches to eighteen inches, full size, over the next year.

Then when Max was nearly two we again got the opportunity to rescue two mature dragons. The first time we saw them they kissed and we named them Romeo And Juliet. Slowly we introduced them to Max and soon they were all living together. We had so much fun watching them interact with one another. Max is so independent. Romeo just loves to follow my husband around when he is out of his cage. Juliet will snuggle up to the closest body and sleep.

After spending years studying dragons while we kept them and sharing our love for this adorable reptile with others it was only a matter of time before were ready to breed them. We have bred other animals in the past, but found it quite different breeding an egg laying species. We bred for color, pattern and temperament, having already determined that we liked those best about our beardies.

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